35KW throttle kit – TÜV approved for ALL 114cui Harley-Davidson Softail and Touring models from year 2021. Now available!

What’s new and why did we do it?

Until now, it was only possible for customers as well as dealers to purchase or modify 107cui engines in a throttled version. Potential customers who are thus in the probationary period or have made a passenger car driver’s license before 1980 and have passed a 40-minute practical motorcycle driving test, thus had no opportunity to enjoy the 114cui Softail and Touring models of Harley-Davidson.

For this purpose we considered together with Tough Stuff Harley-Davidson Konz/Trier to develop a possibility to throttle the existing Softail and Tourer 114cui from the year 2021 and make them available again for novice riders and driving license class A2 owners.

The goal was to develop a possibility that is not only legal and registered in the vehicle registration document, but also from the technical side does not interfere fatiguing and the driving pleasure is maintained at 100%.

For this, Don Performance has developed a mapping that throttles the engine to the 35KW/48HP purely electronically, thus maintaining the full driving pleasure. Unlike previous methods such as reducing the intake tract or restricting the turning radius on the throttle grip, mapping adjusts electronic values in the ECU directly and guarantees the full Harley-Davidson experience!

In the development it was both partners (Tough Stuff Harley-Davidson Konz/Trier & Don Performance) that the also additionally the engine and the driving behavior are perfectly tuned to each other. So this is not just a reduction in power, but also a perfectly tuned engine.

Novice drivers who want to feel the full power of their Milwaukee 8 engine again after completing the probationary period can simply go to their dealer with proof of the completed probationary period and have the original software installed without any problems.

Available now at any Don Performance dealer!

The 35KW/48HP throttle kit is available now at any participating Harley-Davidson dealer! The only requirement for this is a Harley-Davidson dealer who also sells Don Performance Mappings.

Visit your dealer now and experience for yourself how much driving fun an electronic throttle can make, with a test drive!

Should you be more interested in legally implemented processes such as the registration of a 128cui or 131cui engine, incl. Exhaust system, air filter and Don Performance Mapping – then take a look at our info page on the respective topic!

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