Get a perfect map for your Harley Davidson according to your wishes


You buy a new air filter & exhaust system and suddenly the bike doesn’t run smoothly anymore. The original calibration does not fit. The consequences of this are lean jerking and much too high engine temperatures.

For this, tuning, through our Don Tuner, is the perfect solution. It offers maps for bikes with modified air filter, as well as exhaust systems or camshafts, but also for the stock configuration. The software optimizes power, torque and engine running and protects against overheating due to lean running. Don Performance offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the mapping and is specifically designed for Canbus controlled models with Twin Cam, Sportster and Milwaukee-Eight engines. The tuning of your Harley is done by our authorized dealers and can also be reset by them at any time back to the standard configuration.

Harley performance optimization from Don Performance

You get a perfect mapping for your bike according to your wishes. You can freely select the idle speed.
Air filter / camshaft / exhaust system configurations on request.

Performance measurement and test bench analysis

Upon request, we will perform a performance measurement and analysis on the dyno for your Harley Davidsen.

Optimization of an existing mapping

If you already have a mapping, but it does not work the way you want it to, we can optimize it based on your installed components.

Customized mapping

We always adjust our mappings individually to the components installed on your motorcycle. This way we can ensure that your motorcycle runs exactly as you want it to!


The automated optimization based on measured live data.
In this procedure, more than 80 values, 10x
recorded in the second to get the best result for each bike.
individually. This data is then stored in our
state-of-the-art data center by an artificial intelligence
analyzed and processed. The resulting data generate
the unique map, individual for each bike. This procedure is
also applied in professional motorsports and is the most modern
Process in engine optimization.

Our 30 days money back guarantee

We give you 30 days to drive your own routes with the mapping and then decide if our mapping is right for you. For this period we therefore offer you a money-back guarantee, so you can decide for yourself whether our mapping is worth it. If you don’t like our mapping, you will get your money back and the bike will be restored to its original state by our dealer.

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