Don Tuner

Discover the most advanced Harley mapping tool on the market

Who does not know it?

You install a new air filter and exhaust system on the customer’s vehicle and suddenly the motorcycle no longer runs smoothly. The original calibration does not fit. The consequences of this are lean jerking and much too high engine temperatures.

For this, the Don Tuner is the perfect solution. It offers maps for bikes with modified air filter as well as exhaust systems or camshafts, but also for stock configuration. The software optimizes power, torque and engine running and protects against overheating due to lean running. Don Performance offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the map and is specifically designed for Canbus controlled models with Twin Cam, Sportster and Milwaukee-Eight engines. Tuning is carried out by authorized dealers and can be reset to the standard configuration at any time.

Advantages of the Don Tuner

Your customer gets a perfect mapping for his Harley Davidson with the help of the Don-Tuner, regardless of the installed hardware. The idle speed can be freely selected.
Air filter / camshaft / exhaust system configurations on request.

Cloud based solution

The Don-Tuner works completely cloud based and takes care of the backup of your customer’s original software. Thus, you do not need to worry about the different data statuses.

Tested and Tested

All maps were created and extensively tested on one of the most modern vehicle test benches in Europe as well as on the road.

Closed system

Only you as a dealer have the ability to make changes to maps of customer vehicles. Improper intervention by the customer is not possible

How does the Don Tuner work?

With the help of the DON TUNER, the calibration of the engine management system of any Harley Davidson with fuel injection system can be done easily and without problems. The compact Tuner Box makes it easy to perform mapping, increasing and optimizing your Harley’s engine power and torque – without having to manipulate the engine or make structural changes. The result of reprogramming with the DON TUNER makes bikers’ hearts beat faster: Thanks to the Tuner Box, enjoy significantly more driving fun and a considerably smoother engine run.


Fast & efficient

Thanks to the latest programming technology, the Don Tuner guarantees extremely fast and efficient work for you.

Free updates

The Don Tuner is always up to date and is regularly kept up to date by Don Performance with updates of the vehicle models.

Varied map selection

For each vehicle model we have a huge map selection – adapted to a variety of installed components

Automatically safe

Don Tuner automatically backs up all data to the cloud. Those of the original maps, as well as the newly created ones

BackUp & Restore

You have the possibility to save a backup of the current map with Don Tuner and restore it later

No storage costs

Through our cloud-based software, all maps and backups are stored continuously, so there is no need for additional hardware.

Everything In

Whether Screaming Eagle® or other components, whether flap exhaust (with & without ABE), air filter, camshaft or complete stage kits, with us you will find the perfect Map

Tested & verified

All maps were extensively tested on one of the most modern vehicle test benches in the world.
Europe’s tested


All our staff are incredibly handsome & friendly


With our automatic tuning guide, you don’t have to send any of your employees to time-consuming and costly training sessions.
All processes are mapped in a step-by-step sequence and explained in detail at any time by a help button in case of questions.
Thus, the Don Tuner is immediately ready for use by any of your employees without prior knowledge!


Support is extremely important to us – that’s why we are available for you by phone as well as online via live chat and will help you with your questions or problems within the shortest possible time.
This service distinguishes us in the care of our existing customers and is and remains our standard!

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