Questions & Answers

With Harley Davidson®️ Tuning/Mapping the values of the mixture and ignition situation are optimized directly in the engine control. The engine-friendly performance enhancement ensures a sustained, harmonious driving experience without annoying lean jerking. Even at low engine speeds, during acceleration and in intermediate sprints, the engine runs pleasantly smoothly and with reduced engine temperature.

Mapping your Harley-Davidson at our dealership takes an average of 2 hours. In the case of individual wishes, the implementation can also take longer. It is best to discuss this directly with your local dealer!

We give you 30 days to drive your own routes with the mapping, so you can make a decision on whether our mapping is right for you. For this period we therefore offer you a money-back guarantee, with which you decide for yourself whether our mapping is worth it! If you don’t like our mapping, you will get your money back and the bike will be restored to its original state by our dealer.

You can have your Harley Davidson tuned at one of our dealers near you. On our dealer page you can use the dealer search to find a dealer near you and contact them directly! He will then schedule an appointment with you for the mapping/tuning of your Harley-Davidson.

No! We distribute our Don tuner, as well as mapping only to selected dealers. Thus, we can always guarantee you as a customer the optimal execution of the mapping!

To become an official Don Performance dealer, please feel free to contact us via our contact form, or by mail. We will get back to you with more information!

Our MSRP for our mapping is 579€ incl. Value added tax. However, our dealers are basically free to choose their prices. Just ask your local dealer!

Do you have any other questions? Contact us!